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Coveo for Sitecore

AI-powered search for every Sitecore website.

The only cloud-based, self-learning site search app for Sitecore that accesses all of your content, recommends the most relevant information and automatically learns and improves results for future visits and visitors.

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Increasing conversions and revenue in ecommerce with machine learning

3:15pm Wednesday, October 18 Mirage Events | Center C1 Mark Floisand, CMO, Coveo
Tom Dudfield, Director of Development, Redweb

Every customer expects the personalization of Amazon, and the superior customer service of your brick and mortar store. Ecommerce vendors need to understand every website visitors’ exact needs to create a personalized online experience that meets their expectations with relevant content and product recommendations. But how do you create this experience without developing a complex machine learning algorithm and developing your own team of data scientists?

Find out how a mass retailer created a personalized online experience with a robust content ecosystem that has become a powerful revenue driver, and a crucial part of their market expansion to a new group of consumers. Discover how applying machine learning to site search allowed the company to create a relevant and contextual experience for each visitor - increasing key metrics for their website and business.

Why AI-Powered Search is the Key to Website Personalization

1:00pm Wednesday, October 18 Mirage Events | Center C1 Mark Floisand, CMO, Coveo

Discover how AI-powered search can increase your conversion rates and engagement metrics. By offering a great search UI and automating the analysis of usage data, you can automatically personalize and proactively recommend the best content to every visitor.

Meet Coveo at the Symposium

Come see a demo of our latest release. Get your personalized site search assessment. We'd love to meet with you and share how you can get more out of Sitecore with intelligent search. Share your details with us and we’ll be in touch to book some time!

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Coveo & Sitecore

"I would absolutely recommend Coveo...One of the things that’s often overlooked is the value of the data that search can generate both on the queries and results. That’s very valuable data to consume into Sitecore in the Experience Database."
Andy Van Oostrum
Regional VP, Sitecore
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Blog Posts

Making Website Personalization Easier with the new Coveo for Sitecore Hive Framework

If You’re Not Using Coveo To Make Personalizing Your Website Easier, It’s Time To Take A Closer Look.

We’ll be debuting our new Coveo for Sitecore release 4.1, including the Coveo for Sitecore Hive Framework, at the Sitecore Symposium and we’ll be showcasing it in demos at the event.

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No Cart Left Behind: E-commerce Content Personalization Best Practices

Content Personalization Increases Revenues For Online Retailers.

Some online retailers are winning the personalization game, and they are doing so with the same playbook.

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